About Us

Lauren and Todd are both life and business partners; they are the couple behind Beacon NY's small jewelry business, KING + CURATED. Their love for exceptional design, celebrating love, and creating unique, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry inspired its creation. Their passion is evident in all aspects of their work, whether it's designing exquisite pieces for their brick & mortar store, reworking cherished family heirlooms, or crafting custom engagement rings. Their unconventional, free-spirited approach to jewelry design sets them apart, always pushing the boundaries to elevate the jewelry experience to new heights.

At KING + CURATED, they have created a welcoming and intimate atmosphere, with a store that feels more like an elegant living room than a typical, impersonal jewelry shop. They delight in doing things differently, using unique stones, cutting custom shapes, and setting stones in innovative ways that defy convention. Their ultimate goal is for each piece of fine jewelry they design to tell a unique story that reflects both the wearer and the rich history behind it.

“We find great fulfillment in experiencing the everyday rom-coms of life, where we have the privilege of hearing couples and individuals share their heartwarming stories of how they met. We also cherish the moments when customers entrust us with their families' heirlooms and the stories that come with them. Our work designing custom pieces allows us to become a small part of our customers' stories, evoking goosebumps and smiles, and sometimes even tears. It has been an incredible experience getting to know people on a personal level through our custom design appointments.” - Lauren & Todd

Business owners Todd and Lauren sitting on a black leather couch in front of a brick wall in their store, King + Curated.