About Us

Founded by husband and wife team Todd and Lauren, KING + CURATED is a product of their mutual passion for great design, celebrating love, and cultivating one of a kind fine jewelry. Whether designing fine jewelry for their brick & mortar, re-working old family heirlooms, or making custom engagement rings, their work is fueled by their free-spirited, rule-breaking ways of bringing the jewelry experience to a new level. With an inviting experience, their store is designed to feel like you’re walking into someone’s chic living room and not a stuffy, blindingly lit jewelry shop. They adore doing it all differently; using stones not everyone is using, cutting custom shapes not everyone has, setting stones in ways not done before. It is their mission that the fine jewelry they create both reflect the wearer and the story that is behind each and every piece.

“Living for the day to day rom-coms of life, listening to couples or individuals tell us their stories about how they met, listening to customers share the stories of their families' heirlooms; this seriously has been some of the most satisfying work we have had the pleasure of doing day in and day out.  Being just a small part of someone’s story by designing a custom piece sends goosebumps to our skin and smiles to our faces; even tears from time to time! It’s been truly amazing getting to know people through our custom design appointments.” - Lauren & Todd

Business owners Todd and Lauren sitting on a black leather couch in front of a brick wall in their store, King + Curated.