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Memorial Sloan Kettering for Rare Cancer Research 
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Hudson Valley Farms | Common Ground Farm, Fishkill Farms, Glynwood Farm, Hearty Roost Farm
On 5/15/18, an extremely powerful tornado and microburst/macroburst events wreaked havoc on many areas of the Hudson Valley. We were fortunate enough to be able to raise money for the above mentioned farms to help their crops and facilities recover from the devastation caused by this storm. 
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Ron Casey Jr's Last Wish

After an 8 year battle with a very rare form of kidney cancer called Papillary Renal Cell Cancer, Ronnie Casey lost his courageous battle on Thurs., March 8, 2018. 

As Ron neared the end of an unbelievably courageous battle, he requested one last thing. He wanted and needed to know that his two boys (Colin & Henry) would be okay, would have financial support, would continue to have opportunities and experiences that he would not be able to give them himself.

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