We are absolutely thrilled to announce an amazing addition to our range of offerings. We have recognized a pressing need for accessibility and have come up with a game-changing solution: introducing Semi-Custom!

Semi-Custom was made out of the desire to make the tailor-made experience accessible to everyone, serving all sorts of budgets. That's precisely the vision that led us to develop Semi-Custom, a revolutionary option that combines the best of customization and convenience. We couldn't be more excited to share with you the myriad of reasons why Semi-Custom is a wonderful alternative to full custom: 

1.Personalization: Semi custom jewelry design offers a high level of personalization, allowing you to create a truly unique engagement ring. You can choose specific design elements, such as selecting the type and shape of the gemstone/diamond those of which we have hand picked! You can chose the metal and setting style, and even add personalized engravings. This ensures that the ring reflects your partner's individual style and preferences, making it a meaningful and special symbol of your love.

2.Quality and Craftsmanship: We do not mass produce any of our settings. We recreate the preferred setting every time specifically to perfectly fit your selected stone. When you opt for semi custom jewelry design, you are working with skilled artisans and jewelers who will create your engagement ring with meticulous attention to detail. All rings will be designed specifically for your stones. 

3.Budget-Friendly: Semi custom jewelry design can be a more budget-friendly option compared to fully custom designs. While fully custom engagement rings are entirely bespoke, semi custom designs offer a balance between personalization and cost. You can work within a set range of design options and modifications, which can help you manage your budget while still achieving a unique and beautiful ring.

4.Faster Turnaround Time: Compared to fully custom designs that require extensive design consultations and multiple iterations, semi custom jewelry design generally has a quicker turnaround time. Since you are picking your stone directly from our stone library and working with setting designed from us, the process can be streamlined, and the jeweler can efficiently create the ring based on your chosen elements. This is especially beneficial if you have a specific timeline in mind for your engagement.

5.Design Style and unique stone selection: You'll be sure to get a design that's specially designed by KING + CURATED and rest assured it will be in-line with everything else designed with care but made specifically for you. You'll also be able to choose from stones that are not widely available and have been hand picked by our designer for their uniqueness. They are only offered by us for our customers only. We do not share our inventory with other Jewelers.

Overall, semi custom jewelry design offers a balance between personalization, quality, affordability, and expertise, making it a compelling option for those seeking a unique and meaningful engagement ring with the style and care of our team at KING + CURATED.

If you're not on our email list, you'll want to sign up for it to know when semi-custom is live. The finish line is in sight!

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